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Meredith Collie Paper & Design

Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram Gift Tag

Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram Gift Tag

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The three initial loose ring snaffle monogram gift tags features your initials (first, LAST, middle) sandwiched in-between the ends of a loose ring snaffle bit. For the three letter monogram, your initials will follow this format: first, LAST, middle. For example, aCe for Avery Elizabeth Collie.

There is space below the monogram to write a quick personal message to the recipient. The “from” section is pre-filled with your name.

Each set of 12 gift tags are printed on 110 pound white card stock, are pre-punched and includes string. Gift tags are 2.375” x 4.75” and tapered at the top.

Please allow 7-10 business days for production.

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