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Grocery Store Notepads

Grocery Store Notepads

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These simple, yet beautiful notepads will help keep you organized during your weekly trips to the grocery store. Available in three sizes and designs to suite your needs. Each option is available in one of two color choices: ocean blue and tropical pink.

Meal Plan and Grocery List Notepad
The largest of the three options at 11" wide and 8.5" tall, this notepad features both a meal planning section as well as a full grocery list. The larger size gives you plenty of room to plan out your meals and then transfer the required ingredients to the shopping list on the right.

Grocery List Notepad
This notepad measures 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall and only features the grocery list section from the above meal planner. The grocery list is organized to mimic the layout of many grocery stores: fresh foods around the perimeter and packaged goods in the middle. The layout is intended to minimize you missing an item on your list.

Shopping List
This notepad is 5.5" wide by 5.5" tall. It's an unguided list so that you could use if for any store you need to run to: pet store, Target, Costco etc.

All notepads are printed on 70 pound, bright white text weight paper. Each notepad has 50 printed sheets.

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