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Prepping for the Holidays / Thank You Notes

The last holiday prep topic for the year is all about thank you notes. Once the presents have been opened and the you've recovered from the hustle and bustle, it's important to take a few minutes to sit down and thank everyone who blessed you during this holidays season. Writing thank you notes is a great gratitude exercise for kids. 

Prepping for the Holidays, Thank You Notes, Meredith Collie Paper

The first thing to do is to grab a copy of the Gift Tracker from the printable library. You can use this sheet to keep track of who sent what to whom and it even includes a little check box for when you send them the thank you note. 

Next you'll want to take stock of your stationery inventory. Be sure to order before the cut off if you want your stationery during the Christmas break. Best of all you can choose a monogram design that you can use year round or if you would like holiday themed thank you notes, check out the new collection of Christmas stationery that just launched!