Bridal Gift Guide

Finding gifts to give to the bridal party and others that help you get your wedding planned and executed doesn't have to be hard. I'm sharing below a few options for personalized gifts and stationery to give to friends and family.

Lucite Trays

The monogram lucite trays are one of the most popular bridal gifts in the shop. They work equally well for both groomsmen and bridesmaids. There are a multitude of ways to customize them for your bridal party:

  1. Coordinate everything with your wedding colors.
  2. Choose the same monogram for each person. Select a traditional or modern monogram based on which kind of service you are having.
  3. Customize each tray to each person in your wedding party. Select their favorite color and monogram.

hexagon monogram medium square personalized lucite tray

Pencil Pouches

Use the monogram pencil pouch to create a "day of" kit for everyone in the bridal party. Include all the necessities: bandaids, chapstick, gum, scrunchie or hair tie, snacks, etc. These little bags can hold a lot!

 monogram pencil pouch, day of bridal survival kit

Travel Jewelry Box

The monogram jewelry box is a sweet gift to give. Just the right size to house everyone's jewelry for the big day. Especially nice if they are traveling from out of town to your wedding.

monogram travel jewelry box black

Elegant Stationery

Elevate your stationery with these monogram scalloped edge note cards. With all of the pre-wedding parties as well as the post-wedding gifts, have a good supply of stationery is helpful. If you need help keeping up with all of the gifts, you can download this gift and thank you note tracker from the printable library.

 scallop edge monogram personalized stationery note cards, bridal hostess gift

Create a custom monogram for you and your spouse. You can find out more about couple's monograms in this monogram etiquette post. Choosing a monogram will never go out of style.

Personalized stationery also makes a great hostess gift for all of those who have thrown you a party to celebrate your big day.

You can view all of my suggestions for gifts in the Bridal Gift Guide.

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