Monogram Rules

With the addition of so many new monograms to the shop I thought it would be good to review the different ways to utilize monograms. These monogram rules apply to the order of the initials for various situations.

Monogram Rules or Etiquette, Meredith Collie Paper

First up are single initial monograms. These monograms utilize just a single initial and it can be either your first name initial or last name initial. Utilizing a last name initial is good for use on products that are going to be utilized by everyone in the household.


Two initial monograms have a wider variety of options. For a single person, it would be the first and last name initial. To use as a couple’s monogram, it would be the first initial of each person’s first name. You could also use this monogram for a household that has two last names. It would the the first initial from each person’s last name.


This is the most robust selection of monograms. Three initial monograms can be used for both the individual or a couple. Depending on the orientation of the monogram, last name initials can be found in the middle or end of a monogram. When the last name initial appears in the middle for an individual, the first name initials is to the left while the middle name or maiden (for a married individual) is to the right. For a couple, the wife’s first name initial is found on the left and the husband’s first name initial is found to the right of the last name initial.

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