Weekly Meal Planner / Free Download

There’s a new addition to the printable library: a weekly meal planner. This is a more in depth free download intended to be used in conjunction with the grocery list notepad (or any other shopping list you may utilize). I’ve been working lately on fine tuning my grocery shopping habits, trying to ensure that I get the best deals, buy what we need for the meals we will eat at home each week. I’m not big on buying in bulk but I do like to buy when items are on sale. Our weeks are different due to travel schedules and after school activities, so some weeks we eat at home a lot and some weeks we don’t.

I’m also preparing for the summer break which is just two weeks away for me. I don’t plan much for breakfast and lunch since but with a summer full of days together with my little one, I thought I should be more organized. The formatting of this weekly meal planner is pretty simple: there are three columns, one for each meal and seven rows, one for each day of the week. I’m utilizing boxes so that there is enough space for you to write out all the things you might serve for each meal.

The weekly meal planner is available in the printable library for download now!


meredith collie paper and design meal planner printable

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