Thanksgiving Planner

Thanksgiving can be a hectic holiday to plan for. With the Christmas creep, I feel like it's becoming the "lost holiday". There can be a lot of moving parts for this big family dinner. Or multiple dinners if you celebrate with different sides of your family or do a Friendsgiving earlier in the month. Queue the Thanksgiving Planner!

I created the Thanksgiving Planner to help get all of your dinner, decor and entertainment ideas down into one area. This ten page PDF is broken down into two sections: planning for the meal and planning for the guests.

Planning for the Meal includes:

  • Meal plan overview
  • Shopping list for ingredients 
  • Meal prep schedule
  • Pot luck list
  • Budget

Planning for Guests includes:

  • Guest list
  • Activities for the kids
  • To do list 
  • Printable place cards

To receive your copy, visit this dedicated Thanksgiving page and sign up to have it emailed directly to you. I'm choosing this delivery option so that I can easily send out any updates to everyone who has already received a copy.

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