Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags / Free Download

This week is teacher appreciation at my daughter’s school. Each day has a specific theme and encourages the kids to get creative in expressing their gratitude for the their teachers. I also like that there is a day for restocking school supplies to finish out the year on a strong note. I volunteered to bring in more Chlorox wipes because flu/cold/allergy season.

I wanted to dress up the purchased gifts with little gift tags so I could keep them separate for each teacher. I whipped up these cute little teacher appreciation gift tags to use and have made them available as a free PDF download. There are four designs total featuring whimsical school supplies: a pencil, crayon, globe and red apple. Each gift tag is approximately 2” wide by 3.4” tall. Simply print and cut along the dotted lines. Use a hole punch to create the hole for your favorite ribbon or twine.

The teacher appreciation gift tags are formatted four to a page (one of each design) and are formatted to print on 8.5” wide by 11” tall paper. Download your copy here.


meredith collie paper and design teacher appreciation printables gift tags

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