Summer Camp Essentials

As the school year draws to a close, many of us are already preparing for the summer break and summer camps are a huge part of many kid's summers. I've put together a little summer camp essentials collection to help you plan for these big adventures. Whether your kiddo is off to day camp or sleep away camp, these personalized goodies are sure to help.

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Personalized Bag Tags
Attach these laminated bag tags to day packs and suitcases. There are a variety of designs to suite kids of all ages. Add their name (and contact information if needed) to the opposite side. The way these bag tags loop around a handle makes it hard for them to fall off.

Personalized Vinyl Stickers
These vinyl stickers are great for labeling water bottles, reusable snack bags or containers. We have plenty of water bottles with these labels on them that have stood up to a busy school schedule, so they will definitely work for camp season. Plus each set comes with a few fun stickers that the kiddos can decorate with.

Personalized Stationery
Very important for those going to sleep away camp to have some fun stationery to send home letters. Also great to have on hand so they can send notes to their new friends.

Personalized Spiral Notebooks
Whether your kiddo likes to write or draw, there's a spiral notebook for them. Tuck these into their trunks or day packs for any quiet time they may have to doodle or write.

The summer camp essentials guide has companion products in the same designs grouped together to help you build the perfect bundle for your camper.

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