Road Trip Games for Kids / Free Printable

Summer is officially here and with that, come family vacations and road trips. We live in a digital age and I’m sure many kids utilize iPads for entertainment during long trips but even that gets old after a while. Cue road trip games. The classics are always entertaining: the license plate game, I Spy, etc. If you are looking for some new ones, I found this round up over on

If you are looking for something a little quieter, I have a free printable for you with a few of Miss A’s favorite games: tic tac toe, “the dot game” and a few doodles to color in.  Print as many as you need and attach to a clipboard to provide a sturdy base for your kids to write on. This sheet would also work well as an activity sheet while dining in a restaurant.

Download your copy of the road trip games for kids printable here.


road trip printable digital download meredith collie

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