Prepping for the Holidays / Gift Wrap

This week's prepping for the holidays topic is gift wrap. Here's a quick list of things to do before you run to Target and buy all the pretty paper!

1. Take inventory of your current gift wrap supplies: wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, bags, tissue paper etc.

2. If you desire, choose a color scheme so that your gifts all coordinate under the tree. Decide ahead of time so that you can be more organized while shopping.

Another option is to choose a color or wrapping paper design for each person you are giving gifts to. That would make handing out gifts Christmas morning simpler. Especially if you have little ones helping out.

Whimsical gift wrap to coordinate with many of my gift tag designs is available exclusively in my Zazzle shop

3. Order your personalized gift tags and stickers to replenish your stock.

4. Don't forget the tape and a good pair of scissors.

Prepping for the Holidays, Gift Wrap, Meredith Collie Paper

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