New Summer Patterns

My newest collection of patterns is inspired by where I want to go versus where I'm allowed to go... thanks Covid 19! For many of us with school age children, summer is a big travel season. This year all our plans have been canceled or postponed since travel is either not possible or not advised. 

In my never ending search for interesting color and pattern, I settled on Portuguese tile for the inspiration for the first collection. I am drawn to blues and greens in particular and you will find a lot of shades of blues in these tiles. I also love the geometric shape and repetitive pattern found in these designs.

Summer Pattern Inspiration / Portuguese Tiles / Nature

My second collection is nature inspired because that is what I can go and see. My backyard in particular has birch trees, peonies and roses. Clover is abundant in the late spring/ early summer at the barn. Our annual trip to the beach gives me lattice around the beach houses, kelp and fish scales. 

The color palettes for both collections are very similar, though there is a bit more expansion in the nature collection because of the color range of flowers. Patterns are currently available as stationery and notepads. I will slowly be adding these patterns to other products moving forward. If there's something in particular you would like to put a pattern on, let me know and we can do a custom order!

Summer Patterns / Lily Pad Stationery Note Cards

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