New Monogram For 2020

I've been working on a series of new monograms to add to the shop for quite a while now. The new collection includes traditional and equestrian monograms but for today I'll be focusing on traditional monograms.

I have been wanting to add multi-colored monograms to the shop for a while now. Finding the right letter shapes has been challenging. I'm very excited with the options now available.

First up is the modern Two Color Interlocking Monogram. It's a modern, slab serif font utilizing wide and tall letter shapes. Using your first and last name initials, each in their own colors, I'm able to interlock the initials to create your monogram.

Second is the Two Color Greek Monogram. This two initial monogram is enclosed in a simple decorative border with the initials being one color and the border being a second color.

Third is the Diamond Monogram. A very classic yet simple monogram. It's a three initials monogram with decorative corners to add balance.

Lastly, is the Solid Diamond Monogram. The solid background and borders make it bolder than it's Diamond Monogram cousin. 

All of these new monograms are available on stationery, notepads and return address stamps. Where applicable, they are also available on other personalized gift items in the shop, such as pencil pouches and lucite trays. In certain instances, the two color monograms have been converted to a single color based on availability.

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