New Grocery and Shopping List Notepads

These new grocery and shopping list notepads are a new favorite of mine in the shop. The design itself is a refresh of a grocery list notepad that I used to sell in the shop prior to the pandemic. I've now given it a refresh: simplifying it and adding more options.

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There are three options: the Meal Plan and Grocery List Notepad, the Grocery List and the Shopping List. Each notepad is printed on the same, bright white 70 pound paper as the other notepads in the shop and each contain 50 sheets. Available in two color options: ocean blue and tropical pink.

Meal Plan and Grocery List Notepad
The largest of the three options at 11" wide and 8.5" tall, this notepad features both a meal planning section as well as a full grocery list. The larger size gives you plenty of room to plan out your meals and then transfer the required ingredients to the right.

meal plan and grocery list large notepad, Meredith Collie paper

Grocery List Notepad
This notepad measures 5.5" wide by 8.5" tall and only features the grocery list section from the above meal planner. I was very particular about the layout of the various sections on the list portion of these two notepads.

First, I wanted to the grocery list to include sections that you would only find if you shopped at a larger super center type store (think Walmart or Super Target). So you'll see sections included such as "household", "beauty & health" and "miscellaneous".

The second is that I worked very hard to layout the sections so that they would mimic the layout of most grocery stores. In many grocery stores you will find your fresh foods around the perimeter of the store. Packaged goods, frozen foods, etc are often found in the center aisles. While not an exact match due to space requirements, my goals is to help you efficiently move around the store getting your items.

grocery list notepad, grocery shopping notepad, grocery planning notepad, Meredith Collie paper

Shopping List
This notepad is a new size for me: 5.5" wide by 5.5" tall. It's an unguided list so that you could use if for any store you need to run to: pet store, Target, Costco etc. Personally, this notepad lives in my master bedroom so that as we run out of toiletry items, I (or my husband) can add them to the list.

shopping list notepad, Meredith Collie paper

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