New Equestrian Monograms for 2020

I have added three new equestrian themed monograms to my collection for this year. I've been working on these new options for quite a while now and I'm so excited to finally be able to share them with you.

New Equestrian Monogram - Square Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram

First is the Square Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram. The border of this monogram is made up of connected loose ring bits in a square shape. The three initial monogram found inside is slim and modern. This is a two color monogram, so you will choose one color for the border and one for the initials.

Next up is the Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram. This monogram is similar to the Square Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram but instead of a border, the ends of the loose ring snaffle bit anchor the three initial monogram. This is a single colored monogram.

Last is the Diamond Snaffle Bit Monogram. Your three initial monogram in the diamond shop is anchored by two halves of a snaffle bit. Like the Loose Ring Snaffle Bit Monogram, this is a single color monogram.

New Equestrian Monogram - Diamond Monogram Return Address Stamp

These three new additions can be found on stationery, notepads and return address stamps. Where available, I have added them to other personalized gifts such as notebooks, journals and pencil pouches. In some instances, two color monograms have been converted to single colored monograms due to the product type.

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