New Coconut Soy Wax Candles

Brand new to the shop are these coconut soy wax candles. These candles are hand poured right here in the USA and come in beautiful jars that you will be proud to have on display.

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These first three scents are inspired by a recent trip to Hawaii but could really transport you to your favorite tropical destination. The thing I like best about these candles is that the scent isn't overwhelming.

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The Island Jam candle is inspired by a strawberry guava jam I used each morning for breakfast. It has a very sweet, strawberry scent. My favorite part was creating the rainbow ukulele pattern for the label. It's bright and cheerful and a perfect pun with the name of the candle.

Pineapple Sunrise is my favorite of the three scents. I personally love citrus candles. The fresh orange pineapple scent reminds me of a morning smoothie.

Surf's Up reminds me of the moment you get to the beach. That first whiff of the salty air with a hint of citrus to keep it light.

Create a perfect little housewarming or hostess gift by adding on a set of matches to perfectly coordinate with each candle.

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