Modern Stationery / New in the Shop

I've been quietly releasing new stationery designs this spring to the shop. These designs are modern, young and fresh. 

Funky Typography

fun, funky text personalized stationery note cards for tween and teen girls

I love this design for teens and tweens. The typography is fun and a little less formal. The color palette is one of my favorites: bright and cheerful. The stars just add a little extra pizzaz to the design without being overwhelming.

Shadow Outline

shadow outline personalized stationery for women

This stationery collection features flat note cards and notepads. The base of the personalization is your name in one of three multi colored options. On top of that is an outline of your name, just off centered. Adding just a little depth to your name.

The notepads feature a first for the shop: an ordered check list. Makes this a great notepad to have on your desk for to do lists.

Teacher Stationery Collection

personalized pencil and notepad paper stationery for teachers

A perfect option for end of year teacher gifts. This collection features two different designs. An illustrated pencil which is available on flat note cards and notepads. The second design mimics notebook paper, giving this design the option of being used as a checklist. 

More Designs for Teens and Tweens

waves edge stationery note card with outline bow, personalized note cards for tween and teen girls

In the Children's Stationery section, you'll find additional new designs specifically for tween and teen girls. Featuring popular icons such as bows and cherries as well as sweet ballet shoes for any dancers in your family.


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