Journaling and Creative Art Prompts

Staying off electronics is hard these days. There is so much instant gratification. We all need brain breaks and getting creative with our hands is one way to do that.

I've got three journaling and creative art checklists to get you started on your journey.

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Creative Art Prompts
These prompts encourage you to explore not just what you could draw but also the mediums you could use. Such as doing a pencil drawing, playing with watercolors and colored pencils. Take it to the next level by varying what you draw: a landscape vs a city scape. Set up a still life on your kitchen table or draw what you see outside your window. Take your art to go and head to your local park.

Creative Art Prompts Download

Journaling and Writing Prompts
There are a lot of different ways you can kick start a productive wiring habit. I personally do a lot of brain dumps: just getting everything out of my head and onto paper. Then I can better organize my thoughts. If you prefer more structure, try out the prompts that ask a specific question.

Journaling and Writing Prompts Download

Equestrian Journaling
I've been journaling my rides quite a bit in the last year. It started with needing to keep track of some health issues for my horse so that my vet and I could track her progress. Then I started chronicling my rides and lessons to see how we were progressing.

Equestrian Journaling Prompts Download

If you are looking for more options for a variety of age groups, a quick search of Pinterest will have you covered. There are so many creative lists out there for kids and adults alike.

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