Holiday Hand Towels

A brand new product to the shop: terry cloth hand towels. I'm really excited about these new towels. They are very festive, come in a variety of colors and mix and match perfectly.

dala christmas horse, holiday hand towel, meredith collie paper

I actually sampled this product last Christmas as I was looking for festive hand towels that coordinated with my more colorful holiday color palette. Everyone who came to my house had to provide feedback. The towels were washed and dried with no issues. I'm happy to report that everyone liked them.

preppy nutcracker pattern, christmas towel, holiday hand towel, meredith collie paper

These towels are a generous size: 15" wide by 25" tall. Easily fold into thirds to hang in your bathroom(s) and kitchen. I do recommend using them for drying hands rather than cleaning the dishes: purely because the designs are printed on a white towel. There are nine different designs to choose from.

pink poinsettia flower, holly berries and leaves, christmas hand towel, terry cloth towel, holiday decor, meredith collie paper

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