Christmas Planner

Christmas is the easiest holiday to get overwhelmed by. So many things to purchase, wrap, ship and bake. The Christmas Planner is here to help you navigate this merry season. 

Christmas Planner, Free Download, Meredith Collie Paper

The Christmas Planner has 16 pages of holiday organization divided into three categories. 

Gift Planning Pages

  • Gift Ideas
  • Christmas Card List
  • Thank You Notes
  • Budget

Entertainment Pages

  • Baking and Crafts
  • For the Kids
  • Guest List
  • To Do List

Meal Planning Pages

  • Potluck
  • Menu: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Menu: Dinner
  • Shopping List

Mix and match the pages as you need them. For instance you can print two budget pages if you need a separate one for meals and gifts.

To receive your copy of the Christmas Planner, visit this dedicated page and enter your email to have it delivered straight to your inbox. I am choosing this delivery method so that I can easily send out future updates.

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