2021 Holiday Photo Card Designs

New holiday photo card designs are now available in the shop. This year I had didn't have a distinct theme other than creating more interesting "photo frames" to highlight your family photo. This year's collection mixes preppy, modern and elegant woods.

Holiday Photo Cards Digital Templates

New for 2021 you can purchase your holiday photo card as a design template here in the shop. I've partnered with a web based service called Corjl that allows me to upload my designs to their platform. When you purchase a design from my shop, Corjl will email you a link to that design on their platform. From there, you can upload your photo, edit the text and download either a PDF or JPG file that you can print at your local shop or email.

Best of all, you can preview the design before purchase! In the listing description is a link to the design and you can see which design works best with your photo.



There's a lot of information in the listing descriptions for these holiday photo card templates. If you prefer to print your holiday cards but need a recommendation, there is a referral link to a printer in the listing description as well. Additionally, you can shop these same designs in my Zazzle shop for a turnkey solution.

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